I am BACP Accredited and Registered, and offer counselling/psychotherapy to individuals and organisations. There is increasing recognition that people who are facing adversity such as relationship breakdown, problems at work or family difficulties or who are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression can benefit greatly from a 'talking therapy' such as counselling.

Counselling allows a person to talk freely to an unbiased, non-judgemental professional, trained to help them explore their problems, find ways to manage them and strengthen personal resilience. Usually someone will seek counselling when they are in distress, but I can also help individuals to find balance in their lives and build up self-confidence.


It would not be possible to create a definitive list of the types of distress people may face – many people will experience times when they feel sad, shocked or overwhelmed. These are normal reactions to life events. However it is when these feelings persist, or when a person begins to feel that they literally can't cope that counselling can be of enormous benefit. It is not always possible to open up to family, friends or work colleagues for various reasons, yet the old fashioned attitude of 'stiff upper lip' is increasingly redundant in modern life. Advances in technology, a twenty-four hour culture, constant exposure to media and economic uncertainty, combined with inevitable life events can lead to undue stress/anxiety or depression.


I also offer a counselling service assisting organisations to support employees by offering them the chance to talk about and manage difficulties they may be facing. Issues such as organisational change, interpersonal problems and high pressure, combined with any problems an employee may have outside of work, can lead to increased stress levels and may have an impact on performance. Stress related illness including depression has become the most common reason for sick-leave. A short course of counselling with an independent third party can help an employee cope during a difficult time.

I adhere to the Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Guidelines of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
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