• I am BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Registered and Accredited and adhere to their Ethical Framework for practicing counsellors and psychotherapists. I am also a media spokesperson for BACP. I have contributed widely to various national newspapers and magazines as well as national radio on a range of counselling issues.
  • I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.
  • My clients come to me either through word of mouth via clients past and present and referrals from therapist and medical colleagues. If I’m booked up or feel you would be suited to a different counsellor I have a network of affiliates who I can refer you on to.

    My approach is pragmatic and businesslike, and many of my clients are high achieving professionals who recognise the benefits of seeking the help of an independent and professional third party to help them work through any difficulties they may be facing. I book sessions to suit clients rather than clients suiting me. This means I endeavour to accommodate different schedules and try to be flexible wherever possible.

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Q: Wouldn’t I be better off just talking to a friend or family?

A: Of course talking to someone you know and trust is sensible. But often you will edit yourself for fear of causing hurt or worry, compromising others or appearing selfish or unprofessional, Therapy provides an entirely confidential, calm and neutral place to openly explore any issues or difficulties you are facing.

Q: Isn’t therapy very expensive and time consuming?

A: Even just a few sessions can be extremely helpful. You can come back weekly, monthly or even longer. I build a trusted relationship with my clients, some of whom come for sessions on and off for years, in the same way they have a physio for when they’re in pain or a GP for when they’re ill.

Q: Isn’t it a sign of weakness to need a therapist?

A: On the contrary. My clients are high functioning emotionally intelligent people who value their mental health and relationships as much as their physical health. They see having a therapist like having a doctor, dentist or other health professional.

Q: Isn’t therapy a place where I talk and I pay someone to just stay silent and listen?

A:You may have seen this in films or on TV, where the therapist says little and just nods from time to time. This isn’t the kind of therapy I practice. I create an interactive relationship with clients based on mutual trust and respect. I am straightforward, direct, honest and sometimes challenging. I ask the same from my clients. If you’re looking for a nodder then I’m probably not the right counsellor for you.

Q: You can always read a self help book, listen to podcasts or read up online.

A: Of course all these things can be useful. But there’s no substitute for working with an expert who can help you get to the root of issues, which when processed and understood at a deeper level, lead to a more satisfying outcome.

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